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Waffle Iron cord

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I recently picked up an old fashioned waffle iron at a garage sale, but it was minus the cord.  None of my current cords fit it.  The prongs of the waffle iron are 3/4 inch apart and so I need a cord to match that spacing.  Does anybody have an idea where I could find the cord I need?  Searching "roaster cords" (as a man in an appliance store told me to do) has not produced the desired result.

appliance cords

I'm still looking for a waffle iron cord with 3/4 inch (or 11/16?) spacing to match the prongs of the waffle iron.  The site I was referred to didn't indicated that they didn't have any of this size.  Anybody else have any suggestions? 

Al Capone:
Would there happen to be a name and/or model number on your waffle iron?

It is called a HEATMASTER with a Model Number of 3076479.  I didn't include this information since I didn't think it mattered.  I need a cord that matches the spacing of the prongs on the iron regardless of who the manufacturer is, and also this waffle iron is a golden oldie.  I doubt if Heatmaster is still in business.


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