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Special Appliance Repair Tools and Test Equipment

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For some appliance repair jobs you will need special tools.

I will start a catalog of special tools here.
If you have any questions about the tools listed here or other tools not listed please ask.

I will update this topic with new tools as I think of them or as others ask about them.

Spanner wrench for Maytag & Whirlpool Washers
Digital multi-meter
Oven Thermometer
Digital Capacitor Tester

When was the last time you cleaned the coils on the bottom of your refrigerator?
It should be done twice a year and this brush can help make the job a little easier.

This coil brush removes dust and other airborne particles caught in your refrigerator condenser coils. Its soft bristles will not harm coils but will provide you with cleaner coils that result in saved energy. Size: 28-inch overall length for hard-to-reach areas. Use this brush once a month to ensure clean coils that will help your refrigerator last longer and operate more efficiently.

Refrigerator condenser cleaning brush

More tools?

This is a must:

You'll also want these in 1/4" and 5/"16" as well:

I also have a brush, but it has a flexible handle, so it fits in my vacuum bag better.  My vacuum is a dirt devil, btw.  Great unit, very compact, all the attachments.


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