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Our History: was registered with Jan. 16th 2006.

At the time I had no idea what I would do with the .com name.

Then towards the end of June 2007 I was on the site checking things out and I read about how you could have install SMF forum software when you bought a hosting package.

At the time I had been helping out on a couple other appliance repair forums.

After reading some more about the SMF software I thought about how great it would be to start my own appliance repair site so I could help others one on one.

By July 1st 2007 the Appliance Repair Forums was live online.

Today: has now grown far beyond anything I had ever dreamed it would.

At the time of this post (January 02, 2009) has grown to include 2821 members with a total of 9854 post in the forum.

We have many visitors every day that Register for a free account. is no longer hosted with and is now hosted with MonteCarloHosting.

Our Volunteers:

We are lucky to have a team of professional appliance repair technicians (AJ Team) that volunteer there time to help others repair there appliance.

I feel very lucky to have the AJ Team members helping out on our site. would not be what it is today without there help.


Congratulations on a successful and necessary web site.
Any technician that thinks they know it all has refused to keep learning.
I found your site because I was stumped on a repair. I got the help I needed here.
Thank you for the opportunity to use my knowledge to help others.
In my one man repair business I have fixed as many appliances over the phone with willing customers as I have on in home service calls.

Just like this site, it keeps them coming back.

Congrats AJ on an award winning site. I am going to give you the first ever jan 2 EIAR award for outstanding performance of a website.
For excellence in appliance repair advice to the humble surfers of Al Gore's internet.

The forum really has grown fast in such a short amount of time, congrats!

Congratulations AJ, and again any help I can add just say the word.  O0


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