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It's all junk!


Five years ago we built a new house. All new appliances.

Frigidaire washer and dryer.
Whirlpool appliances in the kitchen.

Everyone one of them appliances has had at least one service call on them.

Why don't today's appliances last like they did 20 years ago?


The whitegoods market is now a saturated one. There are no longer any new customers, everybody has got one of everything they want........ So, how do you keep the factories running? Reduce product life to increase the replacement rate is the only way short of reducing production - which would mean redundancies, closures - you know the drill; the car companies are doing it right now.

Basically, the budget manufacturers are building smart-looking carp and getting away with it. You should see the stuff we're trying to repair over here.......


Quality is no longer JOB1.  Profit is.


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