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Why should we buy another Maytag appliance?


So we have a 6 year old bottom mount maytag refrigerator that needs a compressor again!

We had the compressor replaced the first time when it was just under two years old.

We were also unlucky enough to have also bought a maytag neptune washer and dryer.

The dryer motor had to be replace one and I bet you can about guess all the trouble we have had with the washer.

Anyway we are building a new house and looking to buy all new appliances this year.

Has anything changed over the last few years with maytag?
What other brands should we be looking at?

I don't care about cost. I just want them to be trouble free for the next ten years. Is that to much to ask?

The new maytag stuff is crappy. I have 2 words: extended warranty

The only way you will find somthing that is trouble-free for 10 years is if you buy 8 years worth of service contracts to go with it.

Those days are gone, friend.

Maytag is as good or crappy as the rest of the stuff out there .Your in a dream world if you expect modern appliances to be trouble free for 10 years . I also say buy a warranty .


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