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When are the Manufacturer's going to wake up ?

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Wax Motor

Electronics are here to stay it is the way of the future-ahem the present.
I would not be surprised to see DC electronic commutated motors now that VFD are so widespread.

ECMs have been used for several years now already in Maytag, Samsung  and GE refrigerators, not sure about the others..

Ya'll seem obsessed about wax motors. Dang, it is and was a good idea...they just had the first design runs all wrong. If you'll remember, they made all those corrections years back.

Wax motors are still heavily used, especially in the dishwasher market.

You've got to move with the times.....

I suspect that the rise of electronic control has little to do with efficiency or product improvement; it's all about time. Over here, until the mid '90s, our washers were all controlled by electro-mechanical timers, with up to 120 wires individually connected to the terminals (Nightmare if you dropped a stitch changing one...). The expensive bit of building an appliance is people, so to go from paying an operative to sit at a bench connecting 120 wires (The girls at Hoover could do 5 an hour apparently - remarkable!) to snapping on two or three edge connectors offers speed and little skill (no training or concentration required). As the electronics took over, the economies of scale take over as well, to a degree that the electronics are now far cheaper than an electro-mechanical timer.

Then there is the psychological bit in the after-sales/service. "It's a computer board, therefore it's expensive", is a public perception blatantly played upon by the European manufacturers. Lots of 100+ pcbs over here (plus tax) - we know for a fact that most cost between 8-12 from the factory, so even with trade discount from the wholesalers, we still get screwed on purchase costs, therefore so does the customer. Not sensible in a climate calling for us to make stuff last longer.

I can claim little experience of your American products, but following the forums, I notice that you have the "Askoll" or magnetic pump coming to prominence. However, your parts people only seem to sell complete pump assemblies. Over here, most of us carry a selection of motors, which will fit 95% of appliances and cost between 3.50 and 8.00! Our manufacturers usually want 20-40 (or more!) for the complete assembly. This can mean the difference between an appliance being scrapped or repaired. It also means that the customer pays less and as a repairer, I'll make a larger profit on a cheaper sale. Everybody wins......

Sorry, pet hobby horse, I'll get off now.


Not surprising about the pumps. Our greedy manufacturers do not want us to have the cheaper repair parts...they force us to replace the entire assembly. This has alway been a rip-off in my opinion.  Wish you'd send me a couple dozen of those :)


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