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When are the Manufacturer's going to wake up ?

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After reading some posts, brings back memories of nightmares that you would think by now would change.
Yoder Loop leaking. God I remember in the early 70's Gibson used this method with steel tubing which is more prone to leaks.
Adaptive Defrost counts the number of door openings and closings.
Big deal Westinghouse had a ratcheting timer with an arm that was actuated by doors opening and closing. New technology my eye, just an electronic version of old techniques that did not fair too well.
GE, let's see at the 1964 World's Fair kept telling us about a whole new tomorrow today. Is that why they still used that "Japanese" timer that will not run if not mounted properly.
And who cannot forget the Washer/Drier combination machine that blew the fuses (pre-circuit breaker era) when the seals gave way.
And don't forget Frigidaire's nightmares. Pulse agitator in Washing Machines that tore more clothes then washed. The "Belt-Style" icemaker. And the best the juice dispenser refrigerators (more roaches then you could imagine got into that).
Guess I am getting old. :2funny: 

Electronics in appliances to me is like a lighter factory inside a fireworks store.

 :) Electronics are a good thing if done right and the manufacturer's train people. One of the prime examples of the 80's was "Kold Draft" ice machines who went electronic. Problem was at every seminar they held they were to busy pushing the sales approach and not proper servicing and they almost went out of business.
Also the various trade schools at least in these parts. Not one of the HVAC/R programs include electronics in their curriculum.  :(

Old school methods are tried and true. The problem is the manufacturers cut so many corners the original design gets stepped on. Moving the jobs to other countrys to avoid environmental issues and wage wars has created a crappy world of messy electronics. I will give you a prime example. Enter : the wax motor.

What is a wax motor?  I've never heard of one.


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