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burning smell and squealing noise after coupler replacement

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Did you mean difficult to in stall or NOT  difficult to install?

Oh come on....if you are installing them right it will be a very tight fit to get them on correctly....just go in and recheck your work and watch the video already.... ;)

You were right, Pegi!
The coupler was not quite flush on one of the shafts.
Had to use a hammer to get it seated properly.
Thanks for your advice!!


yes, tapping the two couplings with metal piece flush against each shaft does the trick. i also just put them on without taping them flush first, after clipping the motor on, i tried to turn the shaft by hand, pushing on the black piece of the coupler. it was definitely harder. seems that if u dont flush the end couplers to the shafts, it "smashes" the black rubber piece and makes the diameter "bigger" which then seems like it hits the sides of the housing when its turning. its worse if the motor is not fully centered. after taping the white coupler pieces flush to shaft. (it doesnt take alot of effort). now the black rubber piece is no longer "smashed" and the motor went together without forcing it... you definitely want to tap the white plastic couplers against flush with the shafts on both pieces!!! NO MORE SMELL, THANKS ALL!! for this thread, helped me

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