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burning smell and squealing noise after coupler replacement

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Okay, we changed the motor coupler on our kenmore direct drive washer.
However, we now have a burning smell and a squealing-type sound,  which we didn't have before.
Wondering if something w/ the coupler is wrong--it was a very tight fit.
Please help.....

Take everything back apart, be sure both sides of the plastic couplers are flush onto the shafts, be sure the six prongs are in the six holes and check to see if the four motor mounting rubbers are back in place...sounds like something is not in place correctly...

Thanks, Will check this out.

Do you think the coupler could be poorly made(i.e. not correctly machined to exact size)??
We had a tough time trying to get it on.

Not if you bought the OEM Whirlpool part, cannot say if it was some generic coupler coupler kit fits all and they will be difficult to install if you are doing it right...

Here is a video showing how to replace the coupler..


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