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Actually I was on another forum and was asked to ask this question on this forum.  I am just learning about Air Conditioners, and have a few questions, anyhow here it is in a nut shell. On a reversing valve selonoid, window unit AC heatpump, if there is voltage, 120 at the reversing valve, does that normally mean that the selonoid is bad if the unit is blowing cold air in heating mode.  Or can the switch, reversing valve or thermostat be stuck.  Thanks. Enquiring minds want to know.

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A heat pump reversing valve, when no power is supplied to the coil, is in the Cooling mode. For you to show voltage at the coil means it is being told to Heat. No voltage at the coil is for cooling.

Let's state the correct operation of a "Four Way Valve" commonly called a reversing valve.
On a call for heat, the solenoid is energized causing the valve to allow the change of direction of refrigerant flow from the compressor to the indoor coil which will bow reject heat into the conditioned space.
On a call for cooling, the solenoid valve is de-energized allowing the flow of refrigerant from the compressor to flow to the outdoor coil rejecting heat to the surrounding or ambient air.
If you need further explanation please read "Heat Pumps" by "Professor Eugene Silberstein" from Delmar division of Cengage publishing of which I am a "Technical Reviewer" for.

I think this particular user would benefit more from a simpler explanation  as provided here:

Heat Pump Ops

I have this article also. But did not post it as it relates to a split system rather than a "Window Unit".
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