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Washer shakes and vibrates

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Our washer is about 7 years old, model LSQ9544KQ0 .
We have it in the basement on a cement floor, yet it really shakes and vibrates a lot.
It never use to do this. We check to make sure it was still level and it is.

What else can I check?

First check to be sure the inner tub is still secure. (no side to side play) You might have to replace the plate pads part# 62568. Screw the front legs all the way in. The back legs are self leveling. Tip the machine forward and then back. Then screw the front legs down as needed.

The inner tub is secure and the washer is level.

I ordered some of them pads. Are they easy to install?

No, they are not hard to install. Here is a parts breakdown. #16 is the plate pads #62568 and #18 is the base pads #3363660. I told you plate pads and it's probably going to be the base pads that are worn out. Sorry for the mistake.

I have both pads coming now. Will just change them both while I have it apart.

Is this a common problem with these washers?


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