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frezer door water line clogged


Hi i have pin pointed where my clog is the freezer door line is completely cloged up.... I do not think you can remove this line from the freezer door, right?????
I dont think there is any way it can be frozen???? the water valve pushes water out good til i get to that quick disconnect in the front door onthe bottom.
Has anybody seen this before withe this type of fridge???

as always tks for your help


Model gsh25jstass

Most likely a leaky water valve. A faulty water valve will drip just like a water faucet.

but still the freezer line is cloged has anybody replaced the line inside the freezer door or do u just replace the whole door??? tks  jpg

You would not replace the door.

I don't know about the ge model refrigerators, but I know whirlpool had some side by side model were you needed to replace the door to repair the water line in the door.

You could not remove the water line in these doors.
Most of the doors you can remove the water lines and replace them.


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