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icemaker how to adjust water fill time

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I replaced the fill valve but now I get a frozen trickle of water on the right side of the icemaker down the inside of the freezer. It looks like the tray must be overflowing a little. The new valve stops at 7 seconds as it should. The old valve was not shutting off completely (original valve). Is there an adjustment to the incoming water amount? Thanks. Mark

Model 106.50592000 mfgr 9/2000

on the right hand side midways

Page 4 of the service manual will show you the adjustment screw.

Whirlpool Modular Ice Maker & Crushed Ice Despenser Service Repair Manual

I looked at the manual you referred to and it doesnt appear to cover my model. It shows an icemaker type with a wire ice lever control. Mine has the optical ice level system and I cant find anywhere visible where ther is a water level adjustment knob or screw. Mine is a Sears side by side Mfgr in 9/2000 model 106 50592000 SN SK 3538447. Can you tell me how to adjust the fill time? I recently installed a new fill valve as the old one wasnt shutting off immediately causing some overflow into the ice bin.  The new valve runs for 7 seconds as best as I can measure it which is as it should but I get a "little" overflow still down the right side of the freezer from the icemaker. Can you help me figure out how to fix this? Thanks, Mark


Would you kindly read page 4 of the manual he showed you above. The icemaker itself is what we are focusing on now. The water adjustment is shown there.

If the old valve left a chunk of ice in the fill cup on the right side of the  icemeker, it will splash every time it fills. Check the cup.


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