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Amana washing machine LW4303W electrical damage.


My amana LW4303W (if the model number matters) washing machine recently had a BAD short circuit problem.
I fixed the short, but it seems to have done some damage to the machine. The short was at the water temprature switch which then connects to the timer. The machine automatically turns on when ever it is plugged in and when it engages in a cycle dosen't stop filling with water. I figure it fried the temp. switch and did some damage to the timer so I was thinking I should probably replace both. I'm not experienced working with my wahsers electrical system so I thought I should ask before I shell out the cash for replacement parts, so does all this sound right, or am I missing something.

Also anyone know where to find a part--- Water Temperature Switch for amana maytag LW4303W.
Been looking, but nothing.

Try this link:

If you can't turn the washer off by the timer knob (push in), then the points in the timer are fused together. Could you recheck the model number , I couldn't find that one.

Alright, thanks. I just wanted to get a few other opinions on this. It seens that the wiring in the timer is the main problem, but it seems the temp. switch is also fried.
Though thanks for the help.


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