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Ice Misses the Bucket

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My Ice Maker seems to operate fine and production is good but on each cycle one or two cubes will miss the ice bucket and trickle down the inside of the freezer.  Not only does it make noise as it bounces down the unit but the cubes then fall on the floor when the door is opened.

I can't seem to determine the cause of the problem because most of the ice goes where it is intended.

Model Number: GD5YHA

Try levelling the refrigerator first.

I have tried leveling the refrigerator but have had no success in solving the problem.  We still have our falling ice problem.   

I tried jamming a wedge behind the ice bucket to force it deeper into the freezer and farther under the ice maker.  That seemed to help a bit but did not get it far enough back to catch all of the ice.  I am thinking about fabricating a flange to adhere to the top of the ice bucket extending the lip farther into the refrigerator but that is a poor fix.

Any other ideas?

Something is installed incorrectly if it does not work as designed. Or your bin is too full and not shutting off.

Is that the original IM or a replacement? Some IMs have a flap that must be installed.


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