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I have an old Airtemp furnace that has a problem. When I turned it on the first time this season the burners would not light. The pilot light ignites and then I hear a click (assume gas valve should open) to supply gas to burners but no joy. :( The pilot then goes out for a couple of seconds then it comes back on and it retries again. I'm thinking a thermocouple problem, maybe.  Anyone have any experience with furnaces? Any ideas? I took a video of the symtom an tried to upload it but I got an error(not a valid picture format). The video is about 6.7 mb. it was the lowest quality setting on my camera.

This is an Airtemp model 45083F 1421

I have no clue, if my central did not work I would be calling someone myself... lol...we will wait for one of the others in here to log on and see your question... :)

I posted the video on youtube appliance group so you can see the and hear the symptom.

Here's the link:


Can you post a pic of the ignition control module? From what I can see, this system does not utilize a thermocouple, the piece of metal the pilot flame washes over is called the flame sensor. First thing to try is to clean the flame sensor with a piece of fine steel wool.

I took the pilot light section apart and cleaned it up. It was fairly gunked up. I also vacuumed all the junk from the burners and from under the burners. I should have taken a photo to show how much (I dont know what to call it) stuff was laying in and around the burners.

This is a picture of the thermocouple, I think.

And now I have fire ;D

Thanks for the help


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