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What grease to lubricate dryer bearing?


What kind of grease (brand name and source for purchase please) should I use to lubricate the bearing of the dryer in my Kenmore Laundry Center?  This bearing is the axel around which the dryer drum rotates and is quite close to the heater element, so it needs to be high temperature resistant.  The original lubricant was mostly black tar after 15 years of light service.



Without a model number do not know what brand this really is but assume it might be made by Frigidaire...I have read where techs get the wheel bearing grease from auto parts stores to use on these if it has that white plastic ball bearing holder on the rear of the dryer.

This is a Kenmore 417.99980100 Laundry Center.  It has an axel with a ~1" ball which fits into a white plastic receptical on the back of the dryer.  I am going to use Lucas Grease X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease from an Auto Supply store.  It has a drip point of 540 degrees F, compare to 393 F for plain old white lithium grease.  Unless anyone's got a better idea...

That should be fine, the grease that comes packed in the Frigidaire dryer bearing kit looks to me like normal, old-time front wheel bearing grease. Just make sure the plastic block's grooves haven't worn too much so they can still hold grease.

If this thing ever gets to 540

white lithium grease is heat resistant and lasts the longest!
You can get it at the auto parts store.


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