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Help Tromm washing machine wont spin

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Does any water enter the unit? Describe in more detail what the unit does when powered up and a normal cycle is begun.

yes it goes threw the cycle but when it gets ready to spin out it wont spin  :( water comes in fine

also i was wondering where i can find a service manual for my washer any idea ?

Hello angeleyes,

I'm not an appliance tech so Standard disclaimer applies: I offer no warranties/guarantees. Use at you own risk. etc. etc. :) I hope it helps.

I found this info while surfing the net:


"Water will not drain and spin cycle will not start. Washer shuts down a few minutes into the cycle."


This a common problem for all front loaders. Your washer will not drain or work 'cause your outlet filter is clogged or an unusually heavy load. The small door is on the left side front bottom of your washer. Remove the door with a putty knife or thin butter knife inserted in the middle top of the access panel door. Drain the water from the filter housing by pulling the tube out of the clip and unplugging, allow it to run into a bucket while the machine is in spin only mode. This mode is acheived when the washer is first powered on press the spin button until no spin is reached then run. Run in this mode until no water is draining from the tube in the bucket. Keep the tube as low as possible. When water has stopped coming out of the tube turn off the washer and unplug from the wall. This step is important because this resets the fault. Expect some water to come out when you open the filter housing by turning counterclockwise until you can pull the filter from its housing. Clean out your filter, return to housing turning clockwise until seated and recap the tube and place in the holder, refit the cover and plug back into the wall. Fixed. You may also need to lighten the load a bit but I always try full on load anyways. If it fails again just lighten, unplug wait >1 minute then replug and run.

Does the water drain or does it remain in the machine? We can't help you unless you give us more information.


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