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Frigidaire not making ice

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Never had any problems now its not making any ice.Arm is in down position.Have water coming out of door for drinks but no ice.The chute is clear of any ice going into ice maker.

Model frs26hf5ab0

Try what I just did...went to the Search box and typed "no ice". Lots of solutions!

Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker Part # 5303918277

Put some water in the ice maker and see if it will kick out some ice if it does then replace the water valve. If it does not then let me know.

I looked up the chute in the freezer and it had a chunk of ice blocking the water flow.I used a small screwdriver and a hot hairdryer to get rid of the ice.It worked for a day not filling all the way in the ice tray.But I noticed today that it stopped making ice and again there is a small piece of ice jamming the chute.I have not changed the water filter for 4 years.The water coming out the door is really slow.Would a new filter clear this problem up?


--- Quote ---I have not changed the water filter for 4 years
--- End quote ---

dee dee dee

Frigidaire Refrigerator frs26hf5ab0 Water Filter Part # WF2CB


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