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KitchenAid d/w motor noisy and won't drain

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The motor was noisy so I took it out to clean the sump area of junk, when I put it back together it won't drain. The drain motor runs but it does'nt drain.

Model Number: KUDI01TJWH0

You may have the drain hose kinked or the quick plug not connected tight. check all your connections. Put some water in the dishwasher by hand. They always recommend adding water to the sump after repairs. Never run a pump dry.

Thanks for the help. Quadruple checked hoses, no kinks. What is the quick plug? I let it fill by running it before I tried to drain it. I read the online manual before starting this mess.

well you took it out right? Didn't you have to unplug power to the motor pump assembly?

I got it. We have a fair amount of lime in our water, the drain hoses had some build-up in them and when I was moving the unit some broke loose and clogged the hose where it connects to the sink drain. I'm going to take off the hoses and try to knock as much loose as I can before I put it back together. As far as the noisy motor is concerned, is there any way to quiet it or does it need replacement? Thanks again for your help.


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