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GE Microwave shut down.


Jack Hodge:
When it rains it pours...
I just joined this forum to find help with an ice maker problem on our LG, now our Ge over the range Microwave is acting up.
It will work just fine for about five minutes then it seems to overheat and shuts everything down, after about 15 minutes it turns back on.  I ahve been searching around and I think (here we go) it might be the fan has quit causing the overheating problem.  The repair sound dangerous because of the magentron, but I would like to fix this myself, any pointers?  Is there a repair guide available for this?  How long does the magentron store the electrical charge?

Model JVM1440WH04

Jack Hodge:
Took of cabinet housing and found that the fan blade had fallen off of the fan motor...

The magnetron don't store energy. The capacitor does.


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