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You going to go with another Frigidaire?

Just wondering..

I think so, but do you recommend another? We have a Frigidaire dryer that stacks on top.

For a front load I think the frigidaire is just as good as any other.

After seeing the video about 'why the kenmore washer died', we've changed our minds about buying another machine! That was a dramatic demonstration of galvanic corrosion! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we use sacrificial zincs on aluminum boats and aircraft floats to avoid this. Perhaps Frigidaire/Kenmore should consider the idea.

Does anyone have opinions about Maytag or LG front loaders?

ive done LG warranty, seen alot of problems with the control boars and LE error codes that LG blames on the customers and soap also had numerous complaints of mold and smell from them, you could buy 2 frigidaires for the price of one LG almost and i doubt the LG would go the 10 years you got out of the last friggy

btw all the friggys i see rot have been in houses with water softeners, never see it happen in a house without one, so if you have a softener install washer before it and it shouldn't rot

my friggy has been overloaded by the pre-teen for 5 years now on a bouncy 2nd floor and all i have ever had to do is remove my wives bra wires(repeatedly) i'd buy another even now that i dont do their warranty anymore and i'd have to pay full price  :P


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