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Hello! I'm trying to find a service manual for a 10 year old Frigidaire Gallery front load washer model FWT445GES. I think one of the inner drum spiders is broken. Anybody have experience with replacing this?


 I have repaired a couple of these. The spider arm is part of the Frigidaire Tub

Being its 10 years old and the tub is over $200 I would think twice about repairing this one.

You can see the parts diagram in the attachment.

Have you had any other problems with it over the years or is this the first?

Thanks for your comment - this washer has worked perfectly 'til now. A new one is about $800. At 10 years old, perhaps I'd be better to just replace the whole thing and keep the old one for parts?

I sure would be thinking about buying a new one at this point in time.

With it's age this could just be the start of your problems with the washer.

If it was something under $100 like a pump, valve, etc.. then I would go ahead and repair it, but I sure would be thinking long and hard before putting $200+ into a 10 year old front loader.

Just my thoughts.....

You been happy with the way your frigidaire cleans your cloths?

Thank you for your thoughts, AJ. We'll be buying a new one, and we've been pleased with the cleaning results of the original.


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