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Maytag Smooth Top Range burner issue


I have this smooth top Maytag Range which has a dual burner and triple burner in the front. In both of them the innermost ring stopped working. the dual burner's ring stopped working about a 3 weeks ago and the triple burner's stopped working yesterday. I have owned this for about a year and a half.
Anyone else faced similar issue? is it common?
I was wondering if it has anything to do with the range is being used as someone is primarily doing all the cooking in my house for the last 2 or 3 months...

Model MER5775RAS

Are you asking if your cook is screwing up your stove?
What's your model number?

just trying to find out what might be the problem, if its common with maytag ranges... two burners dying within weeks seems a little unusual.

Model# MER5775RAS

It's called "planned obsolescence"

Once the warranty runs out, start digging out the repair manuals these days :)

Your burners are controlled by 2  complicated  switches. For certain sections of the burner to not work could actually be a burner failure or a switch failure. To see which it is  involves raising the glass top and checking the elements for open circuits. Each element has 2 clearly marked terminals which your OHM meter can check for continuity. If the element shows to be good, we know the control switch for that element is bad. The diagram for this product is on a tech sheet  behind the lower storage drawer. The technical data sheet is posted for you below:

Tech Sheet for MER5775RAS

I would check the burners first before buying switches. According to the scheme their is a 6 prong disconnect. Red and white stripe seems to be common on the big burner, so one lead goes there, your other lead should go to orange for tripple, violet and white for double, and tan for single. The smaller burner(right rear) should have continuity between violet and red. all other wires have to do with the hot surface indicator light.


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