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Maytag Gas Cooktop ignitor

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MGC5536BDS Service Manual

This is great! thanks!

The saga of my Maytag gas cooktop continues! So, I have ordered and replaced the switch assembly, and the burner that wouldn't spark is now fine. However, now that the new switch assembly is in, a different burner won't light. It appears to me that for this one, the ignitor sparks in the correct knob position, but the gas doesn't come on until the knob is past the position where the spark has stopped. SO, I have another case where I can light this burner by turning on the gas, and then turning on a different burner so the ignitor will spark while the gas is flowing. Is there any sort of adjustment on the ignitor switch assembly?

All of them spark at once because as you know they are all wired in parallel circuit. Their is but one ignition box to make the whole crew happy. Might be a weak ignition box.

No, there is no adjustment. If one of the switches is not triggering a spark, it is bad. Best to replace them all if going to the trouble of popping that top.

Be sure you seated the  switch in the little screw recesses on the valve or it wont light right. They should lightly snap into place and remain there.


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