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Maytag Gas Cooktop ignitor

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Once this burner does light, can you adjust the flame high to low without a problem?
My thought is leaning towards a bad gas valve for this burner or possible trash at the valve outlet.

Once I light it with a match, it seems to be fine. Goes from high to low, no problem. I am going to remove the top again today, and will check for junk around the burner, but am not aware of any problem. One other thought I have is to take the new harness and the old harness, and cut out the switch for the one bad burner and replace it with one of the good switches off the old harness. The only reason I replaced the harness to begin with was that the microswitch for one of the burners would not cause the igniter to work. So, now with the new harness, that burner works fine, but a different burner is screwed up.

I have the connectors and a crimping tool, but am sort of thinking that this is too new a cooktop for me to start 'Mickey Mousing'. . . .

I agree you should swap out the suspect switch with a known good one from the old harness. If you look at the old switches, you will see that there are a couple of holes at either end where the wires go in. Right above the  holes, kind of on the  side of the switch, is a small horizontal slot, just big enough to stick a pocket srewdriver or jewelers screwdriver into. If you gently insert a blade there, the wires for the switch will be released and you  can pull them out.

When you push the wires into the hole again, they are held by a thin blade which holds them in place.

OK, similar to a light switch! Great to know - I hadn't paid any attention to that feature. Thanks!


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! When I took the top cover off again, I noticed that the trouble switch was not sitting at the same angle on the valve shaft as the others. It was about 20-30 degrees off from being square to the flat side of the valve shaft. I looked at the bottom of the switch and saw 3 flat metal tabs that seem to align the switch and the shaft. I took a jewelers screwdriver and rotated the tabs so that when the switch was aligned on the shaft, it sat at a square angle.

Bottom line, SUCCESS! The spark and the gas are working just fine.


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