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Well, have a 36' 5 burner gas cooktop. Even though it wasn't installed until December of 07, it was purchased in October, so of course, warranty is up as of a couple weeks ago. Last night, wife was cleaning the cooktop, and now the left front ignitor won't work. The strange thing is that if you use one of the OTHER burners, the actual ignitor on the left front burner works, but if you use the knob for the left front burner, it turns on the gas, but there is no spark. Bottom line, if you turn on the gas to the LF burner, then turn on another burner right away, the LF ignites and works fine, but it won't ignite on its own. Ideas?


Model MGC5536BDS

Any Burner Knob will spark all Burners.

Sounds like a bad / dirty Burner Switch assembly

click on picture

Thanks for the response. I understood that all knobs spark all burners, I just didn't describe it very well. My point was that I knew it wasn't the actual ignitor, since the other knobs will get the ignitor to spark.

2 questions: switch assembly relatively easy to check/replace? Second, any way to isolate that the burner switch assmebly is the issue?

Burner Switch Removal
1. Remove main top, see "Main Top Removal" procedure.
2. Disconnect and label wire from burner switch.
3. Slide burner switch up and off burner valve stem.
4. Replace burner switch and reverse procedure to reinstall.

You may be able to see / hear / test / clean the individual MicroSwitch actuate.

Excellent! Thank you!


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