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timer not working all the time


Can you give me the part# for a timer for a Maytag A810 washer(26 years old).

Sometimes it will get to the spin part and just sit there. You can mess with it and get it to spin---takes a while sometimes. Then it may be ok for a few months before it does it again. Seems like one time it washed through the whole cycle (meaning agitated and never spun). This is a timer problem-right??



--- Quote ---This is a timer problem-right??

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Right. The final increment on the end of the spin cycle is the most likely detente to sustain damage.

205640 is the part number

Thanks for the info and the quick reply. I looked up the timer and there is one by Maytag and one by Whirlpool with Maytag being cheapest so since they are the same I will get the Maytag one.

Too bad things aren't still made this way. In 26 years all that has been changed is the water valve and that wasn't even the problem. After replacing that it kept overfilling and the line to the pressure switch was stopped up with gunk from the days of Fab detergent with fabric softener in it and too many cold washes.

This belongs to my brother and his wife. She went and bought a new Speed Queen so I told him instead of junking this one I wanted it to keep in case someone came along and needed one. IMO it is to good to throw away. It is working fine now but it has had the timer problem a couple of times and she wanted a new one before this one stopped again.

I wonder if the new SQ will last as long as the Maytag?????

Thanks again.


--- Quote from: sparky823 on November 16, 2008, 01:58:13 PM ---... from the days of Fab detergent ...
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you mean Duz Detergent doesn't have free dishes in the box anymore ?

--- Quote ---... She went and bought a new Speed Queen ...
I wonder if the new SQ will last as long as the Maytag?????...
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