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Washer won't drain or spin


My older model washer won't spin or drain.  Think it's the lid switch, but unable to find instructions on how to replace.  Suggestions?

Model Number: LSR8233Eq0

I have some excellent informative stuff around here somewhere: Ok here is a nice one from the the AJ files it is a pdf to die for:
NOTE: this link is for coupling replacement but you MUST remove the cabinet to access the innards and since that lid switch is on the cabinet this one shows how.
Another outstanding one is by non other than our esteemed Repair man:
Just for fun I did a page myself:

Deb, I'm hoping you're not totally confused by the motor coupler thing...I'm sure he meant well, but it's likely a bad  lid switch; here's an excerpt from a similar situation:

"Customers machine would agitate but would stop when it got to the drain and spin cycle, leaving a tub full of water. I opened the top  console to expose the wiring harness to the lid switch.
(Note: Some machines will not agitate if the lid switch fails)

I disconnected the small lid switch harness connector and used my OHM meter to check the  2 outer terminals of the exposed plug which goes down to the switch.

With my OHM meter set to the lowest scale, I found ZERO continuity (no reading) thru the lid switch contacts, proving that it was bad. 

I removed the cabinet and installed the new lid switch in about 15 minutes."


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