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Maytag Washer timer reaches rinse and stops advancing

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Maytag washer timer reaches rinse and stops advancing timer motor still running and tub fills till it overflows.   Does this in normal wash or gentle cycle - and other cycles.  Think it's timer gear stripped but not sure.  Washer does not overflow during 1st fill up so the level control valve is working properly.  Thanks for any advice or help.

Model pavt454eww

As the water fills the tub, pressure builds up in a tube connected to the water level switch
Sometimes simply blowing out the trash in the tube makes it work right.

I dont think its the water level valve because it never overflows during 1st fillup but always overflows when timer stops advancing at the very beginning of the rinse cycle, although the timer motor is still running.

 We have had to use this washer even though its broke - to do so we have to set temperature to hot/cold and turn off the cold water supply.  So when you start the machine from the beginning it fills up with hot water and runs through perfectly and never overflows on 1st fill-up.  The timer stops at beginning of rinse so then I manually restart machine at beginning of run again using this second run as rinse and spin so I can complete a load of laundry. 

Basically we start the load and everything is fine - until the rinse cycle is supposed to begin.  When the timer should start the rinse cycle it turns on the water for the rinse but doesnt do anything after that but overflow -  it simply doesnt advance and you can hear the timer motor still running.  Also I have just replaced the intake valve so it is not sticking causing the overflow. Had to replace because cold water would not turn on.

There is a water level control in the console that must open the circuit to the water valve when the water reaches the full tub level. At this time, power is sent to the motor to agitate in the rinse cycle. This is super easy to detect with your voltmeter at the water level (pressure) switch. Read the tech sheet in the console if you have further questions.

You will find that if the pressure switch checks out OK, then the ATC  (Automatic Temp) Board is the likely suspect.

Performa Manual

Ok we'll check that out - I still wonder though why is the machine able to fill and run through the wash and then spin but the next step - rinse - doesnt complete - so it actaully runs the 1st step or process but then it stops - I guess that is what is confusing me the most out of this - thats why I thought it was the timer initially.  Is it normal to hear the timer running but not moving forward?????  will let you know how the voltmeter test works shortly.....thanks


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