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Philips AKG652 Microwave blowing fuses


Old Philips microwave (posting from Middle East) blowing fuses.

This microwave oven is nearly 20 years old and has been very reliable. Several years ago the fuse blew and I replaced it and all was well till now.

HV capacitor tested short so I replaced it. Starting the microwave produces a loud hum (like transformer is overloaded) for a second or so, then fuse blows.

HV diode tests open in both directions, but my ohmmeter operates with 3V so I probably can't test it properly. Can an open diode cause the fuse to blow? If not, what should I check next?


Check your mag for a shorted leg.

A bad diode will not only cause the fuse to blow, but also creates a loud hum as you described. Try a new diode.


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