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Maytag dishwasher motor quit

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I started the wash as normal, then the unit quit 10 minutes later. Heater element works and it fills, but the motor won't start.  I don't seem to be getting any voltage to the motor. I tried to download the service manual from this site, but the dishwasher manual they have listed is actually a washer manual.


Model PDB3600AWX

will it work in any cycle?

If you want to see if there is voltage going to the mtor when it stops like that, put your voltmeter leads at the  yellow wire on the relay and the blue wire on the mtor harness. If there is 120 volts, the mtor is bad or the thermal overload in it is open. If no 120 volts is present, it is a timer or wiring connection issue.

most of them motor relays have a floating switch inside. Shake the relay and see if it makes a thunka thunka . If it does then next check it with a meter. put your leads on two of the legs at a time and look for continuity. If you have none then flip the relay over so the floating switch makes contact and then you should have continuity. If little bits of metal come out the relay or it sounds like a salt shaker then it is probably bad. Note: If it makes no noise at all it is also bad.

OK, I pulled the motor and put 115v directly to the motor; white lead to yellow abd black lead to blue as per the print above. Motor just hums.  The output of the timer seems to be 12.5 vac. Does this mean the timer is shot also?



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