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SHY56A06uc/14 BOSCH Dishwasher Low Circulation - Problem


The arms do not spin in my dishwasher, water comes out, sprays everywhere, but the arms do not spin.

I un-installed the washer, inspected the circulation impeller and found it about 50% blocked. I cleaned it out, re installed it, and reinstalled the dishwasher.

No change.

I have uninstalled it again and this time I have completely dis-assembled and examined every inch of house and housing for debris, none.

I am beginning to think the circulation motor burned up while it struggled with a 50% blocked impeller for 6 months.

The motor doesn't smell, and it spins freely when I give it a spin from the back side (cooling fins) or the front (impeller) side. Shouldn't it be frozen or smell bad if it has gone bad?

Could it just be spinning too slowly or have lost its torque?

I am confident that there is absolutely no blockage or restriction on the water flow. Just not enough flow/pressure/force to spin the arms.

Looking forward to your thoughts...

Had the dishwasher in and out and back in four times. Replaced the motor and pump, still no cure.

Ended up being a small piece of glass lodged in the grey housing inside the washer, behind the lower spray arm. There are two screws along side the lower spray arm, I removed them and lifted the grey piece, the piece of glass fell out on to the floor of the washer. Put the glass in the trash, put the grey shield back in place with the two screws and VIOLA!   Solved!

Glad to hear you got it repaired.
Thanks for the update.  O0


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