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Maytag Ceramic cooktop board repair tips


Element burnt out and since then the bake element won't work. I want to repair the board but I am looking for some insight as to what component might be damaged in the circuit board. Broil and cooktop works fine its just the bake element that does not work. Any suggestions on where to start or where I can get a schematic of this board??

Model PER5750QCW

How have you determined that it is a board issue and not an open element?  The board you mention is an integral part of the clock and cannot be repaired. If it is the bisque colored face, the part number is 74009230

Here's the Technical Data Sheet for this model.

If you replaced the Bake Element and it still won't work, it's usually the Bake Relay on the Board.
If you can find one and replace it...


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