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Kitchenaid washer top removal


I just bought a used Kitchenaid washer thats about 11 years old. I know that they were made as a high-end product for Whirpool.  Anyways, it's really dirty along the top part of the drum thats covered with plastic just underneath the metal top of the washer. I'm not talking about the lid....but the top part of the washer.  I was wondering how I can remove this top so I can give the washer a really good cleaning. I don't want to force it off if theres some sort of clip or screw that I can't see. I can see that it's a separate piece from the metal "skin" that surrounds both sides and the front.  I don't want to repair any mechanical parts...just want to clean up that white plastic cover above the drum.  Any help here would be appreciated!!!!  :)

This link shows how to remove the case:
this one is pretty cool:
Here is one done by yours truly:

WOW!!!!  That was a FAST reply AJ. Thanks!  It looked like the top would come off from the outer skin. I didn't realize that it's all one piece. Thanks again for such a quick reply AJ!


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