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I have a Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine that is about 3 1/2 years old.  It started flashing an F11 code and a Fdu code about a month and a half ago and we were advised to change out the door lock and if that didn't work to change out the Motor Control Unit.  We changed the door lock and it worked fine for a few weeks then we got the F11 code again so we changed out the MCU and it has worked ok for a week and a half or so and then yesterday it gave me the F11 code again.  If I opened it up and played with a few wires on the MCU it would start back up and finish the cycle.  Then my husband unplugged and replugged a couple of the wires back in and it worded fine for three loads and then the fourth load it gave me the code again, which I was able to override by opening it up again and playing with the wire again.  We are needless to say frustrated and not sure what we should do next.  We really don't want to spend anymore money on it so we are hoping it is an easy fix.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Model 110.45862400
Thank you.

Your user guide states that F-11 is a failure between the motor control (MCU) and the Main control board (CCU). Guess you are going to have to spend more money on a CCU.

We are able to run the diagnostic test on it and it doesn't do it when the test is run.  Do you think it could be a wiring issue.  It seems strange that it will run fine for a few loads and then it will code and I can mess with it and it will run again. 

Could be a harness issue. WP had them.  Why not order the main wiring harness since it is cheaper than a new control so you can rule his out?

This is where you need to take your model number and carefully look at the choices on the parts mnus. Look at an exploded view of your machine and locate the correct harness that you want, otherwise there may be some confusion. It looks like the harnesses are mostly  sold separately. The main harness has part # 8181783  .


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