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Author Topic: Kenmore Dryer Stops During a Cycle  (Read 8316 times)

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Kenmore Dryer Stops During a Cycle
« on: November 15, 2008, 08:27:31 AM »

Model #110.96592220, this dryer (Whirlpool made BTW) would stop during the drying cycle requiring the customer to turn the unit back on before it would continue to dry. This problem continued throughout the entire cycle so the customer was a bit frustrated with making multiple trips to the laundry room. A few days of this and she was ready for a service call.

When I began my testing of the dryer, I selected a timed dry which would normally cause the unit to run until the timer reached the end of the cycle. Once started, the unit operated as expected, but then stopped shortly after. Pressing the start button again didn't do anything, but once I touched the timer knob, it took off running again. This continued on for several minutes, and each time the results were the same. Advancing the timer didn't seem to make a difference, but removing the knob did allow it to run a bit longer, but it too stopped after a short run. Given this set of symptoms, it looks like this dryer needs a new timer.

After disconnecting the unit from power, I removed the two panel screws allowing me to lift the front of the control up giving me access to the timer. A couple screws on the front held it to the panel, and several wires needed to be relocated to the new timericon. With all the screws back in where they came out of, I reconnected power and started a cycle. This time it continued to run without needing to be restarted.


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