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Built in Dbl Oven, Control Panel Zotzed

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Model Number: GBD307PDS09

Our oven has been sending out warning signals over the past 2 weeks.  Beeping, the panel would go blank, and then my husband (who always caught it, I never got to see if there were prior error messages) would clear it by flipping the breaker.

While I was out working, the hubby called a repair man who's been here before and wasn't the most successful at repairing a 3 year old DW, but certainly expensive.  I don't necessarily trust this repairman's opinion or ethics.  

The display panel isn't showing anything for me now, but hubby said the error code that displayed when said repairman was here was F2 E6.  I checked the Fault Error Codes on this site and apparently this means the Control Board needs to be replaced.  Pretty frustrating, as this is only a 4 year old oven and I don't use it heavily.  I cook, but I'm surely not crazy with it like trying to run a home catering business or anything.  

Ok, so the repairman quotes nearly $600, claiming to have to replace the panel and a control box.  Says it will be about $425 for both parts, and it will take two people as he needs to pull the oven, etc.  I get home, hear the news and start researching on the Whirlpool site, etc. mainly looking for a recall or something, as this really shouldn't be happening on a supposed top of the line, fairly new appliance.  

I called Whirlpool and the part (note, they didn't mention 2 parts) was $186.  I look at the diagrams online, and I don't find a 'control box' per se.  

Can I get an opinion from you, if I could?  I would certainly appreciate a second opinion.  

Thanks so much!! :)

2nd Opinion:

Replace the clock-  (RepairClinic has it for $179)

The factory part number for that clock is 8302319

Muchas gracias, gentlemen!! 

Is there such an animal as this 'control box' he speaks of?  I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I surely can't locate it on any of the available diagrams.  I wasn't here unfortunately when the repairman was doing the diagnostics.  I personally would not have called him back after the dishwasher episode, but the husband decided we needed the oven fixed and didn't know who else to call.  Wish he would have called me first.  At least start with the Whirlpool factory number. 

I may be wrong, and I don't want to accuse the man without just cause, but this repairman and the old 'Christmas Goose' just seem to have some commonalities. 


--- Quote ---Is there such an animal as this 'control box' he speaks of?
--- End quote ---


The only control is the clock we listed above.


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