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Author Topic: maytag A207 Drive Belt  (Read 4013 times)

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maytag A207 Drive Belt
« on: November 07, 2008, 04:52:09 AM »

I am in the process of fixing up my old maytag. Im trying to keep it alive as we have become fond of it after all these years.

My next project is to get the tub to end the cycle so the lip of the Tub is not uneven at the top. Currently at the end of the full cycle the tub lip is very uneven. I decided to try and replace the dampers and have the kit. The problem is Ive never looked under the machine and dont know much about how the drive belt comes off.

The instructions say:
"Remove two screws holding front panel and remove the front panel. Remove the 2 bolts holding top cover and raise top cover. Tape lid to prevent it from striking the control panel. Remove nuts from the 3 eyebolts. Nut positions can be marked by placing strips of electrical tape around bolts just above nuts before loosening. Remove drive belt. Tip washer back and lay a 4 x 4 wood block under center pulley."

I understand everything except how to remove the drive belt. I also was wondering if adjusting those three big springs might make the circle of the tub line up with the circular lip of the washer top. Is this usually a damper issue or is it a spring tension issue? I am slowly learning about this old washer only because it has always worked so well, i never had to do anything! Now I have replaced the inlet valve because it sometimes had a small drip after the cycle. That is fine now but I am wondering about how the tub is off center when it stops. Any advice or info is greatly appreciated

Model a207

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Re: maytag A207 Drive Belt
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2008, 05:29:48 AM »
I understand everything except how to remove the drive belt.

There are 2  belts, and they merely slip off. No tools required. Lean the  machine back against the wall so you  can get to them.

You're going to also have to remove the 3 large tub springs in order to replace the snubber pads under the transmission. I have some old tricks for doing this more easily here.

I seldom had to replace those damper pads except  when they were visibly worn to the metal. There are lots of reasons the tub may not line up with the lid opening...

1. Machine not level
2. Tub springs out of adjustment
3. Oil on snubber area (bad lip seal)
4. Worn tub mounting stem and bearing

Replacing the dampers may not be needed but if you feel like they might help, go ahead.
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Re: maytag A207 Drive Belt
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2008, 10:07:10 AM »
thank for all the info. It really does help a lot. I was thinking since the tub ends up after the cycle slightly forward, that i could try to put more tension by adjusting those two rear springs with the nut on the bottom of the spring somehow. I dont know the exact procedure for increasing the tension though. I have never done anything like this before so I was hesitant. It is a little rusty down there but everything seems to be ok still. Before I replace the pads, maybe I will try to adjust the rear springs to pull the tub back a tad. I was wondering if this is something that can happen to a very old top loader. Since there are two springs  in the back I would think it would eventually end up going the other way over 30 years of washing but I honestly dont base that assumption  on any actual experience just that maybe the two springs would hold better over time than one.


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