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In the last 48hrs I've played that pool game about 150 times. I've come to the conclusion, accapp has way too much time on his hands. :2funny:

We can infer other conclusions from this:

1. redbeard has far too much time on his hands.

2. redbeard stinks at video games and is bitter about it.

3. redbeard should spend more time sharpening his reflexes and less time criticizing others.

 :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

In response:

Too much time on my hands? At my age that's all I have, time, lots of it.
Stinks at video games? Not just video games, I stink at all games. Bitter? Just the opposite, I'm impressed.
Sharpen reflexes? Maybe 30 years ago. I'm lucky I still have reflexes. I'm on the downhill side of that puppy, believe me.
Criticize others? Never have, just joke with them. My memory is going also, how does that saying go, "If they can't take a joke.....something something"

Games...There supposed to be fun. Thats why they call them games. ;D :2funny:


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