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My girlfriend washed some heavy throw rugs and since then the agitator continues to agitate even during the spin cycle which now does not seem to spin the clothes enough to get the water out of them. I suspect that the transmission is the culprit but I believe there is also a directional bearing that may be the problem. I would like some suggestions as to what may be the problem before I begin taking it apart.

The machine is one of those combination washer/dryer units made by Kenmore (model 417.99570140) but I understand it is manufactured by Frigidaire.

I haven't seen one of these yet( that might be a good thing). Here is a trans breakdown.

Try to spin the inner spin tub by hand, it should spin CCW just fine but not CW. If it spins CW easily you are looking at replacing the transmission as the one-way bearing you mention is part of the trans, cannot be purchased separately AFAIK and cannot be replaced without special tools. Not a difficult job but you will want to replace the tub bearing, seal and trunnion lock bolts while you are in there. Throw in a new belt for good measure. I've got some more tips if you actually plan to do the job.


Can you give us any updates on your washer?

Did you get it repaired or end up getting a new washer?

Thank you,


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