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Need help in removing lower washer arm


   Help me I am so pathetic. I have hard water have used commerical cleaners but I need to remove the bottem arm and clean the filter located underneath the arm. I have removed screws but it does not lift up. How does it come off so I can clean/replace the filter on my Maytag DW-2 DWU 5902 AAB???
Please answer as I hate doing dishes by hand and told the kids they didnt have to do dishes until it was fixed!!!!

Download the following manual...

It may not advertise your model, but the sparay arm and pump are the ame.


Did you remove the wash arm? If so the cover will just lift off. If not the center of your lower wash arm has a small disk so to speak.While holding the wash arm stationary,unscrew that & the wash arm will come off. I use white vinegar (1 cup every 2 weeks to keep it clean.Wait for the first fill & hear it washing then open door & dump in.) Make sure you clean the 4 slots in the wash arm support.That is what keeps the filter clean.

Anybody ever use bleach? What will that do to the heat element if used occasionally?

Bleach?  Why would you  put bleach in there?

Won't affect the element, but the rubber seals in the pump don't care for it much...

  Dishwasher detergent has all the chemicals you need to sanitize the tub.  You only need a monthly  quart of white vinegar to keep the unit clean (heater too).


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