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excess air in circulating water

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We call them swamp coolers here if they use water to cool the air. It's a colloquial term. 

Why would Ahmadinejad come to New York and state that there are no homos in Iran?

I'm still laughing at that one :)

Dear “Repair-man”,
If you pay enough attention in what did I said, you will probably know the exact things I mentioned. I said “Fan Coil Unit” and “coils” and “hot water” and so many words that are simply enough for “I have not a swamp cooler”, did you read the entire post?
Anyway, I hate Ahmadinejad by myself but don’t you think that is a technical forum? By the way, you can listen to more funny things from jw bush or any other politician in the world  :) there are a couple of homos here in IRAN of course, want to come here?   :D


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