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Blower motor is... blown

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--- Quote from: JWWebster on October 29, 2008, 10:29:58 PM ---The new motor should use only black HI and common (white or purple) All other wires need to be individually taped off away from each other and not touching anything. 2 browns should be connected to capacitor and it should be taped off too.You have electric heat. That only requires one speed for both ac and heat. All other speeds are not needed.
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I was replying to this when I typed the above. 

That would have been for electric heat. You say you have gas heat.

The contactor was the problem.  I think that one of the poles was bad and I wasn't getting enough voltage to the motor.  The motor amped itself up and burned out because it was trying too hard.

I replaced the contactor and the problem went away. 

Thank you all for the help. :)


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