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Replacing Seals and Bearings Whirlpool/(Kitchenaid, KAWE678BAL1)

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I have a direct drive washing machine (Kitchenaid, KAWE678BAL1).  Not unlike the washer in Al's coupler replacement.

I now have a new problem 2 years later.  I believe the centerpost bearing kit is needed (stuck when trying to spin- item 24 page 2).  The bearing and seals appear to be worn (feel gritty when running my finger inside the post).  Also, the brake and drive tube were difficult to pull out and (after examining) difficult to push back in the centerpost.

My question is how to replace the bearings and seals.  There doesn't appear to be any documentation on this stuff.

Attached is a pdf of the base (page 1) and the drive tube (page 3).  The drive tube is inserted through the base passing through the seals and bearings (item 24 on page 1).

A few additional questions:

  - What's the best way to remove the bearing and seals without damaging the centerpost? (Am I supposed to cut them out?)
  - Once the bearings and seals are replaced, should the drive tube run "smoothly" through?

Thanks in advance for any help.  Forgive the long post.  I tried to place adequate information.

Never seen bad bearings/seals on a DD washer yet, however it takes very expensive speciality tools to remove and re-install these bearings and seals....not sure if that would be your problem, can you turn the transmision shaft both ways easily using the coupler and a socket??  Something stuck between the tub and basket??

Thanks Pegi for the quick reply.

I've cleaned out the tub and basked and didn't notice anything outside the 10+ years of crud :)

The trans shaft moves both ways and inserts into the drive tube easily.  However, the drive tube gets "stuck" when trying to place it into the base.  Is this normal?  Should it be difficult to slide the drive tube through the base (centerpost) seals and bearings?

Also, do you have any documents (other than what was posted)?  What special tools are used to service this part of the washing machine?

Thanks again.

Depends on how far up it sticks, and yes will stick a bit sometimes, might lube the outside of the shaft, if it sticks like one inch down your clutch thing is on the wrong side of the spring...we have the tools but would have to do some research on where they could be bought..are you trying to insert the transmision shaft or the spin tube shaft??

However, the drive tube gets "stuck" when trying to place it into the base.
I see it now, it can be hard to get this back up if the outside of the tube is damaged, did you sand it smoothe and try some lube??


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