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New Appliances lasting as long as old ones?


Ok so I will put the question out there. In the last 4 years we have replaced an 21 year old dryer, 20 year old fridge, 18 year old freezer an 18 year old washer (I did swap the transmission once) and an 19 year old Range. (gold in colour)

So far in the last 4 years We have had troubles with the range's Temp and clock, then the wife dropped a spice bottle on the ceramnic top killing the range. it is fixed with one that does cook at selected temp and the clock works.

The washer is still working, as is the dryer. But the freezer's Power on Light and the "Quick Freeze/Temp Alert"  doesn't work. 

So my question is, "Will the new ones last like the ones they replaced?" The 8 year old Dish Washer is already rusting out the plate stand up prongs.

It is just my observations, nothing against the manufacture's. They all seem to be the same.

Earl Dryer:
You don't see the Repair Guy on TV crying how lonely he is anymore, DO YA??

The newer stuff is crappy. Beyond crappy. 3 degrees below crappy.
Yeah its really bad new appliances have a way shorter lasting time these days... Manufactures do this on purpose so we have to buy new appliances as soon as possible. They even put on purpose weak part that can't last longer than 3 year in the appliances.

The days of "OL LONLEY" are gone, I did Maytag Red Carpet Service for 25 years & would say they were the best by far. Yes they had problems in the end but now they are the same as the rest. Being bought up by another company & chopped up. I specialize in the old 1930's 40's & 50's style stoves, & can say to a customer ,I can rebuild this for $800.00 or
900.00 mechanically & it will last another 25 years. Bet you can't buy a stove for $5000.00 that will do that. Remember in 1960 a stove was $400.00. A washer $350.00 a manual defrost refrigerator was around $700.00, and a new car was $2000.00 out the door.They lasted 20-25 years. Now a stove is still $400.00 ,washer $350.00,refrigerator frost free with glass shelves & an icemaker still $700.00. A new car STARTS @ $20,000.00 . So if we want the same quality as in 1960 we would pay $3,500.00 for a washer,$4,000. for a stove and $7,000.00 for a refrigerator. Who would pay that?


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