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maytag ice maker

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bryan j:
maytag Model mzd2665hew, SN/ 10879399EL
ice make does nothing

test points L & N give 0 volts ???
jumping T & H, and motor does not turn , BUT heater does get hot.

what should be my next step?

Now that is strange, the mold heater works thru that thermostat you jumped to see if you could get the ice maker to go thru the harvest cycle, that thermostat would have to have been closed for the mold heater to come on which means the ice maker should have been going thru a harvest cycle as that is what causes it to start rotating and it turnes that mold heater on, if you jump T to H to start a harvest cycle that heater will not come on since that thermostat would/should not have been closed..something is not right here but cannot put a finger on what it is, see if the tabs in the center of the wheel in the front of the ice maker head might be broken so that wheel is not turning....sounds like an ice maker module head problem right now...

bryan j:
the gears look good, and the motor does not turn when I jump H&T, but the heater gets HOT in about 3 min.

I do not understand why I can not find any power at L&N (or anywhere else). Where the maker plugs into the fridge, I checked between the Green and red wires and get nothing?

I am not sure, but I do know that mold heater should not get hot unless that thermostat in the head is satisfied and puts the ice maker into the harvest cycle..forcing a cycle by jumping the thermostat would not make the heater hot, or should not do so...

bryan j:
would you suggest I go ahead and replace the motor assembly? or should I check for something upstream. I am still puzzled as to why I am not reading any voltage.

The service manuals I found on this web site are great!


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