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Broken Timer Control Knob



The timer control knob on our Frigidaire front loader has broken.  I have purchased a replacement knob assembly but it's not obvious from the parts diagram how things go together.

I haven't popped the top to check things out yet.  Any advice or suggestions before I do?


Model FWT645RHS1

I think their is a rod you pull out on the rear of the timer and then place the knob on there and shove the rod back in.


It turns out the knob is just threaded on.  I found a post at another site (sorry AJ) that explained that the part of the knob left on the machine could be grasped with a pair of pliers and rotated.  That loosened it and it just spun off.  The replacement knob was then threaded back on until it was tight and voila!

Thanks all.


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