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Hotpoint Dishwasher won't drain


Long story short:  Lightning strike at my house - 13 yr old dw would not cycle; fixed that with new timer.  DW will not drain; installed new pump and still having same problem.  All drain lines are clear; no garbage disposal - Help!

Model HDA900X-66BA

Will it wash? But not pump? If that is the case then the dump solenoid is fried.
If it will not wash or pump the you have a bad door switch most likely.
The motor in your DW is a one directional motor.In the business it is affectionately named a "Sidewinder". The motor goes in the same direction all the time. As it Wash's the dump valve is closed and the water is diverted to the nozzles where it dispenses water on the dish's. When it comes time for rinse the drain solenoid opens the flap and the water gets dispersed out the drain hose.

It washes, just will not drain.  The motor I installed was this one:

Is the solenoid you wrote about attached on the above motor?

Thanks for helping this old South Alabama girl O0

Here's a picture of the motor I just installed.

Don't you see the solenoid there on the bottom left?


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