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frigidaire washer smoking and only spins on rinse cycle


my washer is becoming a problem first it started smoking and smelt like burning rubber so we purchased a new belt thinking that had to be the problem went to change the belt and the old belt seemed fine so we turned it on to see how it ran and it would only spin on the rinse cycle and now its leaking... can anyone please help?

Model FWS445RFS2

that sounds like a bad idler. Check that idler and oil it.

 I was wondering if any one knew how to change the belt on a Frigidaire washer FWS445RFS2 or maybe had a manual?

Listening to what you said first (leaking, etc.) the unit had a bad tub seal, now the bearing is locked up. Time to think about a new machine. The belt  likely burnt up trying to turn a locked tub.


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